Learning To Fly

There are a number of options at NEMAC for those wishing to learn to fly model aircraft;

Mike taking up Richard on the buddy box

For those wanting to fly glow powered aricraft the club has a couple of .40 sized aircraft trainer aircraft and a buddy box setup. You can take control of a 2-stroke powered trainer with the assistance of one of our club members safe in the knowledge that all the trainer has to do is release a switch to take back control if things get out of control. The trainer will also take off the aircraft and land it for you.

 There are a number of club members that fly electric powered gliders. The same buddy box arrangement can be setup for those wanting to try of soaring. Electric gliders are a great way to learn to fly. Moving slower that allow you more time to think and learn how to correct a mistake and make the plane do what you want. While slower moving than glow powered aircraft catching a thermal is great challenge and a good way to preactive your skills. 

Perhaps you have your own aircraft already and just some help learning to fly. If you have a brand name radio system with your model frequently we can setup one of our radios to work as buddy box with yours for that extra level of saftey while learning to fly.

John LaunchingIf your radio system doesnt support any sort of buddy box system or isn’t compatible with what we have available we can quite successfully give you some training on your electric powered aircraft by handing the transmitter between the trainer and trainee. This will jsut require the training flights to occur at a high altitude to give time to hand the transmitter between people.

While we try to be accomodating as possible we have a policy that people who come out more than 3 times to fly in some form or another to join the club to continue using our facilities.